Protective Services

For those clients requiring a heightened security presence, we offer that as well. Our global network of ETA Security Specialists allows clients to move seamlessly from city to city knowing that a trusted security team will be waiting to greet them. Whether you are relying solely on ETA Security Specialists or asking us to support your security staff, we can advance a location and prepare for every client movement prior to their arrival.

Working in tandem with our ETA Logistics Specialists and supported by our technology-based tracking capabilities (a.k.a. Overwatch), these highly trained professionals are capable of providing the most secure means of transport available to the private sector. All ETA Security Specialists are trained in protective and trauma medical care and are supported by quick reaction forces in 72 countries.

“ETA plays an integral part in providing us with security, impeccable logistics coordination, and unprecedented access to even the most difficult venues.”

Mary Jo Andretti
Hospitality Manager

We offer services in the following areas:

Corporate Travelers

  • Executives, Buyers, C-Level Travelers
  • Marketing Agency Staff
  • High-Net-Worth Families*
    • Pre-travel training and briefings
    • Discreet protection
    • Interface with corporate security teams
    • Close Protection & Medical Support
    • Group, Individual, or Family Overwatch Technologies
    • 24/7 Live Support
    • Real-time security alerts
    • Domestic & International Event Support
    • Secure Logistics Interface
    • Travel Intelligence
    • *Semester at Sea Programs
    • *Student Travel
    • *Family Protective Services

Athletes and Entertainers

  • Seamless interface with clients HOS
  • Discreet Protection and medical support
  • High level of privacy and discretion
  • Secure Logistics Interface
  • Overwatch Technologies
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Real-time security alerts
  • Domestic & International Event Support
  • Travel Intelligence
  • Secure Logistics Interface
  • Vehicle Assets
  • Helicopter Assets
  • Aviation Assets

Venues & Maritime Assets

  • Security Assessments & Consulting
  • Clubs and Concert Venues
  • Stadium Venues
  • Outdoor Festival Venues
  • Galas & Awards Shows
  • Remote Global Monitoring Technologies
  • 24/7 Security Operations Center Support
  • Private Residence
    • Security Assessment
    • Physical Protection
  • Maritime Assets
    • Private Yachts
    • Shipping Transit