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How We're Different - ETA Executive Services

How We’re Different

For years, people working in and around large events have approached logistics and security as two distinct and separate efforts. At ETA Executive Services, we believe today’s security climate, both domestically and internationally, demands we revisit that approach.

Although venues worldwide have taken additional measures to harden access points and perimeters to reduce the number of threats, weaknesses still remain. As terrorists look to exploit vulnerabilities, logistics assets can be seen as the softest and most accessible target with which to make a statement.

Aside from a direct threat to your group, imagine for a moment the confusion that would ensue if your group were anywhere near one of many recent incidents: Paris, Nice, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Berlin, London, etc. As your guests are being ushered from the venue they were enjoying through an unplanned exit, their waiting drivers may be departing the facility for their own safety or in the interest of their own families. The scenario plays out in cities across the globe every year, leaving guests lost, stranded, and vulnerable.

That is why we developed the unique approach we call: “Secure Logistics.”

By embedding security and logistics specialists within your group, our teams maintain direct communication between the group, our 24/7 operations center, the vehicles and the support teams at all times. When an event proceeds as scheduled, your guests enjoy the added value of feeling protected, informed and well cared for as they are escorted from point-to-point by our trained security, medical and logistics specialists. In the event of an unforeseen emergency, however, our teams are working together to gather, inform and extract guests from the area as safely and as efficiently as possible.

In the past, we spent our time protecting a select group of C-Level executives from a perceived yet unknown threat against their organizations or individual persons. Today, we help protect groups of clients from any number of threats that are likely directed at the environments they find themselves in. Regardless of whether your travels take you to a city like London, Paris, Barcelona, or New York, or to a well-attended convention center, sporting event, concert or festival; ETA builds the right solution into every event. You and your clients can fully enjoy yourselves knowing that ETA’s Security, Medical and Logistics Specialists are keeping a keen eye on your safety every step of the way.